2-pack SPECIAL Dream Mix of 2❤️✨ 1 LB of Junajpu Maya Spice Cacao + 1LB pure Cacao Paste from Ruk’u’x Ulew

2-pack SPECIAL Dream Mix of 2❤️✨ 1 LB of Junajpu Maya Spice Cacao + 1LB pure Cacao Paste from Ruk’u’x Ulew

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Dream Mix of 2 different Cacaos❤️✨

1 LB of Junajpu Maya Spice Cacao 

1LB pure Cacao Paste from Ruk’u’x Ulew

1 LB Bag of grinded Junajpu Maya Spice Cacao :

SILVER MEDAL WINNER at the International Chocolate Awards. Taste the magic.

Made with 100% Criollo native Cacao from Guatemala. Whole bean stone-ground, small-batch and made according to ancient traditions. The pure Cacao paste is then carefully blended together after a special recipe, containing; pure Guatemalan Vanilla bean, Panela (pure sugar cane juice, unrefined and full of nutrients) and a sacred blend of Mayan Flowers and Chili. 1 LB/ 453g


Handcrafted in ceremony by Mayan spiritual guides, working in accordance and balance with the energies of the Mayan Calendar; "we do a ceremony and offering while we make each batch, based on the Maya energy of that day, infusing each batch with massive vibrations of of love, compassion, service, abundance and Purpose. In our efforts to bring you the most potent and magical cacao, we use the whole bean, without separating or conching.  We also do not sort the beans for the “perfect size or shape,” understanding that the flawed is beautiful, and that beauty brings deeper understanding".

Our cacao comes from small, family-owned farms in the State of Suchitepequez.  The farms are part of a national reforestation program (INAB) which focuses on biodiversity, and regeneration of the rainforest's natural ecosystems.  The cacao trees in that region are descendent from the first trees domesticated by the Mayas over 3000 years ago.  They are known as 'grandmother' trees, since they have been growing and reproducing in that area since before the time of the Spanish invasion when the area was inhabited by the Mayan Tzutuhil and Mayan Quiché."


1 Block of Pure Cacao Paste from Ruk’u’x Ulew (”Heart of the Earth”):

Ruk'u'x Ulew (Heart of the Earth) is a small Mayan women´s collective in Guatemala. "Our organic cacao is grown on an indigenous farm in Coban, Alta Verapaz and then transported to San Marcos La Laguna. Each bean is carefully selected to ensure only the highest quality remain and then sun-dried. Our local Kaqchikel family of women gather to roast the beans over a wood fire, giving it a unique robust flavour. We sit together for hours to peel the beans and put love and high energy into themPROCEEDS SUPPORT LOCAL FARM AND LOCAL PRODUCERS! Ingredients: Pure organic Cacao paste (Theobroma cacao)